Buy all kinds of brut blanc (white) champagne in Nigeria. Brut Champagne refers to a French sparkling wine that is decidedly dry in style. Sugar levels in a brut Champagne must be 1.5% or less.

Brut Champagne is dry to the taste, with very low levels of sugar left in the bottle. Though this has not always been the case. Champagne used to be made with considerable amounts of additional sugar added after the second fermentation to adjust the levels of sweetness to suit the day’s sweet tooth.

Brut Champagne is dry on the palate, yet the aromas and flavors lean towards apple, pear, and citrus, and can move towards peach and apricot in warmer vintages. Classic fresh-baked bread aromas, creamy textures and fuller-bodied styles are the direct influence of the spent yeast used in the second fermentation. Bringing exceptional food-pairing versatility to the table, brut Champagne partners up with everything from traditional caviar to butter-drenched seafood delights and salty flavored fare. The high acidity and zippy carbonation cut through oils and fats with delicious palate precision, making everything from fried potatoes and savory quiche to Oysters Rockefeller and smoked salmon an absolute treat.

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